Pl. look at the following code, which is taken from alter_table.sql (regression test)


mydb=# create table anothertab (atcol1 serial8, atcol2 boolean, constraint anothertab_chk check (atcol1 <= 3)); NOTICE: CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "anothertab_atcol1_seq" for serial column "anothertab.atcol1"

mydb=# alter table anothertab alter column atcol1 drop default;

mydb=# \d

                 List of relations
Schema |         Name          |   Type   |  Owner
public | anothertab            | table    | dm199272
public | anothertab_atcol1_seq | sequence | dm199272

(2 rows)

mydb=# drop sequence anothertab_atcol1_seq;
ERROR: cannot drop sequence anothertab_atcol1_seq because table anothertab column atcol1 requires it
HINT:  You may drop table anothertab column atcol1 instead.


Please tell me whether statement-2 is valid or not (as you say that the default sequence should not be changed). Or the default seq. can be dropped and cant be changed. I like to send you the appropriate patch and waiting for your reply.


Tom Lane wrote:

Dhanaraj M - Sun Microsystems <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I fixed the above bug. I attach the patch here. Please review and acknowledge me.

Bug details
BUG #2073: Can't drop sequence when created via SERIAL column

That isn't a bug, and this "fix" is not appropriate.  See eg Bruce's
response to that bug report:

I speculated a bit ago (can't find it in the archives at the moment)
that we should abandon the hidden dependency altogether, and go back to
having SERIAL just create the sequence and the default expression.
Another idea that might be worth exploring is to link the sequence to
the default expression rather than to the table column itself.  But
randomly dropping the dependency is not the answer.

                        regards, tom lane

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