Comment added and patch applied.  Thanks.


Jeremy Drake wrote:
> If configure sees that the compiler specified by $CC looks like gcc
> (defines __GNUC__), then it puts some extra command line options into the
> CFLAGS (mostly -W*).  The intel C compiler for linux emulates gcc by
> default, which means it defines that and looks very much like gcc to
> configure.  However, it does not get along with the added -W flags very
> well.  They don't seem to kill it, but some of them give warnings about
> unsupported command line options and others produce insane amounts of
> output from the compiler.
> This patch makes configure check for the __INTEL_COMPILER define (which is
> the recommended way to detect the intel compiler) before adding the extra
> CFLAGS if it thinks the compiler is GCC.  I am not an autoconf hacker, so
> I may have done it wrong or something, but it appears to work for me (ICC
> 9.0.032 on gentoo i686 with latest packages).
> The patch is against the HEAD but I think it should be similar for other
> branches (I have been compiling 8.0 and 8.1 for some time with the intel
> compiler by manually massaging the makefiles after configure ran).
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