On Tue, 2 May 2006, Tom Lane wrote:

Also, as noted in other contexts, it'd be a good idea if vacuumcleanup
was told the total number of heap tuples (GIN needs this), and both
steps really ought to be able to find out if it's a full or lazy vacuum.

It's already in IndexVacuumCleanupInfo, isn't it?

/* Struct for additional arguments passed to vacuum-cleanup operation */
typedef struct IndexVacuumCleanupInfo
  bool   vacuum_full;     /* VACUUM FULL (we have exclusive lock) */
  int    message_level;   /* ereport level for progress messages */
-->  double num_heap_tuples; /* tuples remaining in heap */
} IndexVacuumCleanupInfo;

gistvacuumcleanup uses num_heap_tuples to set num_index_tuples when it doesn't need to scan the index otherwise.

BTW: Is it possible to have a partial gist index? If it is, num_index_tuples = num_heap_tuples isn't right.

- Heikki

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