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The new SPARC assembly file src/backend/port/tas/solaris_sparc.s uses / instead of ! for comments, and as a result the compile fails with Sun Studio 11. Please modify the first 3 lines to look like the following.

! solaris_sparc.s -- compare and swap for solaris_sparc



Bruce Momjian wrote On 04/29/06 17:16,:

Tom Lane wrote:
Theo Schlossnagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'd remind everyone that the spinlock stuff is entirely optional at build time.
Not really.  The performance hit for not having hardware spinlocks is
so severe that it's not considered a reasonable fallback.

I also think it immensely useful to replace all of the tas subsystem with cas so that one could reliabily lock these atomics with the process id of the locker.
I cannot, ever once in my years working on Postgres, remember having
wanted such a thing.  I am strongly against mucking with the spinlock
code for mere aesthetics --- it's too fragile and hard to test,
especially on platforms you don't have ready access to.

In short, it ain't broken and we don't need to fix it.

Agreed.  Should the new Solaris ASM code be modified?

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