Right, and the FRONTEND fix should correct this.  Sorry you had to do so
much legwork to find my mistake.


Peter Brant wrote:
> I'm still planning on doing this.
> I did add a loop around the second WSARecv in pgwin32_recv() as that
> was our best guess about where the error was coming from.  As it turns
> out, that's apparently not the case and I haven't had a chance to come
> back to it yet.
> It might be that my original patch (putting the loop in piperead()) is
> the best approach.  All indications are that it fixes the problem and
> it's the lowest impact change.  I'm still quite curious what API call is
> returning the WSAEWOULDBLOCK though...
> Pete
> >>> Bruce Momjian <pgman@candle.pha.pa.us> 04/19/06 5:07 am >>>
> Would someone generate a patch that includes all the new ideas and
> post
> it here?  Thanks.
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