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Unfortunately, this is not case for Fedora Core 4, where assertions are
used unconditionally. And to make things worse, there is no runtime symbol
at all to indicate whether Python is compiled with debugging/assertions
enabled (Py_DEBUG & NDEBUG are preprocessor symbols)

Can you test dynamically loading a function that is only visible in the
symbol table of debug builds, and check the return code?

As it came out, that wouldn't help us because FC4's Python has debugging disabled but assertions are still active. See below.

In the Fedora Core 4 case, how did they make assertions always enabled?

Building FC4's Python rpm contains bug:
When creating package rpm from spec-file, even though Python is built without --with-pydebug, rpmbuild loses -DNDEBUG from CFLAGS. Can't tell how or when it happens, I'm not so good with rpm packaging system, just looked output of compilation stage.

So, we are back on square one...

Sven Suursoho

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