Tom Lane wrote:

> BTW, one thing I was looking at last week was whether we couldn't
> refactor the relpages/reltuples updates to be done in a cleaner place.
> Right now UpdateStats is called (for indexes) directly from the index
> AM, which sucks from a modularity point of view, and what's worse it
> forces two successive updates of the same tuple during CREATE INDEX.
> We should reorganize things so this is done once at the outer level.
> It'd require some change of the ambuild() API, but considering we're
> hacking several other aspects of the AM API in this development cycle,
> that doesn't bother me.

I'm rather stuck in Mammoth Replicator currently :-( so I'm not sure
when I could devote some time to this task.  If you want to do it, go
ahead and I can adapt the relminxid patch to your changes.  Or you can
take the relminxid patch from where it currently is, if you feel so

If you don't, I'll eventually come back to it, but I'm not sure when
will that be.

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