On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 14:46 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> Simon Riggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > So we just optimised for slowly-but-continually churning tables (i.e.
> > DELETEs match INSERTs, or just UPDATEs). i.e. we just improved VACUUM
> > performance for those that don't need it that often. That might be the
> > common case, but it isn't the one thats hurting most.
> No, we just improved VACUUM performance for those that need it most.
> I was just doing some desultory experiments with today's code versus
> yesterday's (it's easy to make a direct comparison because they're
> initdb-compatible ... just stop one postmaster executable and start
> another on the same database).  I made a table of 16M rows with an
> index over a random-data integer column.  With a thoroughly disordered
> index (built on-the-fly as the random data was inserted), the time to
> VACUUM after deleting a small number of rows was 615 seconds with
> yesterday's code, 31 seconds today.  With a perfectly-ordered index
> (identical table, but CREATE INDEX after all the data is in place), the
> times were about 28 and 26 seconds respectively.  (I wouldn't put a
> *whole* lot of faith in these numbers, since they're from a Dell machine
> with a toy ATA drive, but anyway they do show that sequential access to
> the index makes a huge difference.)  But perfectly-ordered indexes are
> impossible to maintain unless your data is either static or insert-at-
> the-end-only.

You and Heikki have achieved a marvelous thing, well done.

> Anyway, while the extra LWLock and shared-memory access during a split
> is annoying, I think it's really negligible (and so does pgbench).
> A page split is going to involve many times that much work --- you've
> got to acquire lock on at least four different buffers, visit the FSM,
> possibly ask the kernel for another disk page, do XLogInsert twice, etc.
> Any one of those things involves significantly more CPU effort and
> contention than _bt_vacuum_cycleid().  So while I'd be happy to get rid
> of it, not at the price of slowing down VACUUM again.

I'll raise the partial vacuum topic on -hackers. 

  Simon Riggs
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