Bruce Momjian ha scritto:
Uh, I just moved the selectivity function over to /contrib/ltree, and
moved what I needed, so it now works.  You can continue with the plan
above, or I can.

I've just been able to install a 8.2-devel to test the ltree selectivity improvements I suggested.

It was a big surprise having no improvements at all in the query I used for all my previous tests, until I found out that the test against histogram values was removed by Tom. I strongly think it should be reintroduced: ltree columns are likely to have a unique constraint and the current ltreeparentsel function will behave just like contsel in these cases.

Here is the commit:

Log Message:
Fix ltreeparentsel so it actually works ...

Modified Files:
        ltree_op.c (r1.10 -> r1.11)

Best regards
Matteo Beccati

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