Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Personally I wouldn't object to making it match "localhost" in all
>> cases.  That's what the documentation says, and the use-case for
>> doing something more complicated seems pretty thin.

> I almost agree. If anything, I'd prefer to provide for an explicit entry 
> covering all Unix Domain sockets - it took me by some surprise to find a 
> while back that "localhost" covers that case - it seems a mismatch with 
> how pg_hba.conf works.

Well, that'd break existing .pgpass files (unless we match localhost
too, which seems to defeat the purpose).  But maybe it's worth doing
for consistency's sake.  I think we should bring it up on a more
widely read list than -patches if you want to propose a
non-backwards-compatible change ...

                        regards, tom lane

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