Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> > Seems there is some inconsistency there.  There are two types of
> > function listings, one with just the types, and another with param_name
> > and then type.  We use "string" instead of "text" because varchar() and
> > char() can also be used.
> Where did that come from?  The actual functions generally take "text",
> relying on implicit conversions to handle the other types.  Since we do
> not have any type named "string", I think the locution <type>string</>
> is a contradiction in terms.
> IMHO these should all go back to <type>text</>.

Well, we actually have <parameter>string</> and I got a few wrong.  I
have committed the changes.     If we want to use <type>text</> instead
of <parameter>string</>, I can make that change too.  There are quite a
few of them, like md5().  Yes?

  Bruce Momjian

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