Tom Lane wrote:

Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The attached tiny patch will fix the problem Greg Sabino Mullane had with a shared lexical $_TD, by making it a global and just pushing a local value in the trigger function.
I don't think a docs change is needed.

Are you sure this doesn't cause any user-visible semantics change
(ie, something that might break someone's code)?


I think it should be mentioned in the release notes.

I would be fairly stretched to come up with an example that it breaks. Essentially it's a way around the sharing violation that Greg got from using $_TD in a nested subroutine. All we are doing is moving $_TD from the local namespace to the global namespace. It still gets a per trigger-call value (that's what the "local $_TD = $_[0];" does) and that will work correctly even under recursive calls, so I think it's fairly safe.

Maybe it is worth putting somethng in the plperl Trigger docs about the nature of the beast. I will do that if you like.



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