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   IBM Redbook
+Statistics Collector Fun on AIX
+When implementing PostgreSQL version 8.1 on AIX 5.3, we periodically
+ran into problems where the statistics collector would "mysteriously"
+not come up successfully.
+This appears to be the result of unexpected behaviour in the IPv6
+implementation.  It looks like PostgreSQL and IPv6 do not play very
+well together at this time on AIX.
+Any of the following actions "fix" the problem.
+1.  Delete the localhost ipv6 address
+(as root)
+# ifconfig lo0 inet6 ::1/0 delete
+2.  Remove IPv6 from net services.  The file /etc/netsvc.conf, on AIX,
+is roughly equivalent to /etc/nsswitch.conf on Solaris/Linux.
+The default, on AIX, is thus:
+  hosts=local,bind
+Replace this with:
+  hosts=local4,bind4
+to deactivate searching for IPv6 addresses.
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