Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> The attached patch fixes the warning you received by adding E'' strings
> to the \copy arguments, and adds it for the other backslash commands
> like \d.

You missed the point entirely Bruce.  The problem is that \copy's
argument parsing won't accept an option specified as E'\t' --- I believe
it is seeing that as two arguments instead of one.

The patch you propose addresses a completely different issue, which is
whether we are going to E-ify all our utilities so they don't trigger
the escape_string_warning patch.  I don't think that that is the right
direction to go in.  In fact, based on what I was doing this afternoon,
my feeling is that 8.2 will not ship with escape_string_warning turned
on by default.  It's a good tool for testing code when you're trying to
move the code over to standard conforming strings, but it's just too
noisy for code that in point of fact is already fixed.

                        regards, tom lane

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