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Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
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> Per feedback, here is an updated version. As was pointed out, the prior
> version was checking stuff that either changed too often to be useful
> or was never going to change at all. The error reporting is cleaned up
> too, it now releases the module before throwing the error. It now only
> checks four things:
> Major version number (7.4 or 8.1 for example)
> The three constants were chosen because:
> 1. We document them in the config page in the docs
> 2. We mark them as changable in pg_config_manual.h
> 3. Changing any of these will break some of the more popular modules:
> FUNC_MAX_ARGS changes fmgr interface, every module uses this
> NAMEDATALEN changes syscache interface, every PL as well as tsearch uses this
> INDEX_MAX_KEYS breaks tsearch and anything using GiST.
> I considered others but ultimatly rejected them. For example,
> HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP, while changing the way timestamps are stored and
> being configurable by a configure option, doesn't actually break
> anything important (only the btree_gist example in contrib).
> Any more comments?
> Have a nice day,
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