Am Dienstag, 30. Mai 2006 05:21 schrieb Tom Lane:
> FWIW, Red Hat's legal department thinks that the FSF has "overreached"
> in claiming that the GPL is incompatible with OpenSSL's license.  Which
> is why Red Hat isn't worrying about GPL apps that use OpenSSL, of which
> there are quite a few ...

Here is some feedback from debian-legal about this:

Based on this little snippet, it is unclear to me exactly what Red
Hat's legal department has said.  Are they saying that the OpenSSL
license is not incompatible with the GPL?  The advertising clause
seems like a clear incompatiblity.

Or are they saying that the GPL does not actually restrict people from
linking in libraries and distributing the result?  That reading is
contradicted by a plain reading of the GPL.

What is most likely is that Red Hat's legal department has decided the
risk of suffering damages from distributing GPL'd programs linked with
OpenSSL is sufficiently low that they do not have to worry about it.
Debian tends to be much more conservative in this regard, partly
because the risk is borne by third parties (e.g. mirror operators and
CD vendors).

Peter Eisentraut

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