For instance, I'd like to 'enable slony support' if the slony shared library is present. PPA's slony support automatically executes the .sql files, so all I need to know is if the .so is there.

I really think this is backwards: you should be looking for the .sql
files.  Every module will have a .sql file, not every one will need a
.so file.  See followup thread in -hackers where we're trying to hash
out design details.

Not in this case.

Basically Slony has the concept of installing a node into a server. You can have multiple ones of them - different schemas. So, I'd like to be able to detect that the .so is there, and then offer an "install node" feature where WE execute the SQL on their behalf, with all the complicated string substitions already done.

The trick is that Slony currently requires you to use a command line tool to execute these scripts for you.

At the moment, people have to indicate in our config while that Slony is available, and also point us to where the Slony SQL scripts are located. We do the rest.

It's not too important, but it's just an idea.


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