Uh, I just added /contrib/adminpack a few weeks ago to CVS, which does
this, and more.  Sorry I forgot to mark the TODO item as completed.


Dhanaraj M wrote:
> The patch is attached for the following TODO item:
> *Allow server logs to be remotely read.
> Steps:
> 1. When the server starts (**pg_ctl start)**, the path of the postmaster file 
> is stored 
> 2. The user can access the logfile using the following 2 functions: 
>    * pg_file_readlog(int linenumber) -  Retrieves the string for the given 
> line number
>    * **pg_file_countlog() -  Retrieves the number of lines existing in the 
> logfile*
> I have implemented this based on the suggestions given in the hackers mailing 
> list.
> If you know a better way, please share it with me. Waiting for your reply.
> Thanks
> Dhanaraj

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