Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I forgot to attach the new file pg_ntclass.h (src/include/catalog).
> Here it is.

Couple thoughts about this:

* I still suggest calling it pg_class_nt not pg_ntclass; that naming
convention seems like it will scale better if there are more
nontransactional "appendage" relations.  I'm surprised you didn't
already need to invent pg_database_nt, for instance ... don't
datvacuumxid and datfrozenxid need to be nontransactional?

* The DATA() entries for the bootstrapped relations ought to be
commented as to which rels they belong to (corresponding to the
hardwired TIDs in pg-class.h):

DATA(insert ( 0 0 ));           /* pg_type */

                        regards, tom lane

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