We have a bitmap index AM in Bizgres (on PG 8.1.3) that is functional and
achieves very worthwhile (10x+) performance and space objectives.

It is a large patch, and introduces the access method along with modifying
the appropriate executor nodes.  The latter part was necessary because of
the need to bypass the in-memory bitmap index when an on-disk bitmap is

Because this patch is large, how do you suggest we go through review?  Also,
there is some further work that Jie is doing to support efficient
multi-column indexes that will simplify the code, so we're not quite ready
for patch submission.

- Luke

On 6/12/06 9:13 AM, "Bruce Momjian" <> wrote:

> Victor Yegorov wrote:
>> Hi again.
>> Here's an updated patch, that fixes several bugs and is synced with HEAD.
> Are you closer to submitting this patch for application?

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