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> Points I'm uncertain about:
> . I throw an elog() error if there's a null conbin for a CHECK constraint. Is
>   it possible for a valid CHECK constraint structure to have a null conbin?

ruleutils shows: elog(ERROR, "null conbin for constraint %u"

> I added some basic (very basic) regression tests 

Should we fail if columns in the wrong order from the parent? I thought
that was one of the restrictions you discovered?

Can we test for
        ALTER TABLE child NO INHERIT parent1 INHERIT parent2
That was on Hannu's wish list.

Is INHERIT allowed or disallowed with other ALTER TABLE options?
If it is allowed, can we test for something that will fail and something
that would pass, e.g. ALTER TABLE DROP column1 INHERITS parent -- where
the parent passes on column1.

When I read those tests, it makes me think this should be INHERITS and
NOT INHERITS (not great English, but then neither is NO INHERIT).
ISTM it might become confusing between INHERITS and INHERIT.

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