Really?  If there was a patch, I missed it.

My recollection is that there was general agreement about this
particular problem (see, for example, ), but
things kind of trailed off after that without a resolution.

As far as the complete list of Win32 problems which affected us:
  - The stats collector crashing should indeed be fixed in 8.1.4
  - Missing stats caused by Windows PID recycling is fixed in 8.2
  - Various semaphore problems are probably all fixed with the new
Win32 semaphore implementation in 8.2
  - The stuck log rename problem mentioned above is still an issue
  - The "permission denied on fsync" (or something like that) problem
is still an issue.  Unfortunately, IIRC, we could never really nail down
the underlying problem.

None of these problems affect us any more: the production servers now
run Linux.  Great to have options! (and we were moving that direction


>>> Bruce Momjian <> 16.06.2006 22:05 >>>

I am assuming this problem and the other rash of Win32 problems
in March are now all fixed in 8.1.4.  If not, please let me know.

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