Umm, It is strange.. I think that you have another config.h.?
I look at much error by the reason for being realistic.
I will become on tomorrow night, since I am not in the machine which can work now.

Hiroshi Saito

From: "Magnus Hagander"

Hi Bruce-san.

It does not help me yet. He uses VC2005.:-( It seems that furthermore, it is still in the middle of work.
One problem is visible to the next.(win32.mak)
+   if not exist pg_config_os.h copy port\win32.h pg_config_os.h
If VC6+ is still supported, I will submit the patch again.
What I patch has built both the client and the server by VC6+.

I don't think there's anything specific in my patch that should kill
VC6. What specifically does not work in VC6?

(Just reverting the whole patch doesn't seem right to me...)


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