Patch applied.  Thanks.

Catalog version updated.


ITAGAKI Takahiro wrote:
> This is the 3rd revised fillfactor patch.
> Now, AM specific options are stored in pg_class.reloptions as text[].
> Also, some bugs are fixed. It passed all regression tests.
> Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > An opaque bytea won't do though.  What I'd suggest is something real
> > close to the format used for GUC parameters in ALTER DATABASE SET and
> > ALTER USER SET, ie, pairs of keyword/value strings.  This way pg_dump
> > doesn't need very much smarts about what the values are that it's
> > dumping.
> The column format of options is changed from bytea to an array of text,
> so re-parsing is needed every time a connection accesses a relation.
> I changed to write pre-parsed options into pg_internal.init, but AFAICS,
> only system relations are written in it. If we will find the parsing
> is slow, it might be good to store options for user relations, too.
> Regards,
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> ITAGAKI Takahiro
> NTT Open Source Software Center

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