I'm still not very happy - we never got a reply about why the reordering was needed at all. Referring in some way to FBSD doesn't really answer for Windows. I am currently without a Windows box I can use, so I am dependent on asking questions.



Bruce Momjian wrote:

Patch applied.  Change made so test is WIN32, and add comment about
different structure ordering on Win32 for IPv6 use.



Hiroshi Saito wrote:
Hi. Tom-san.

Oops, I understood it. Thank you for suggestion.
What condition is this?

Hiroshi Saito

From: "Tom Lane"

"Hiroshi Saito" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Why do we need to reorder the fields in the struct?
Eh? Even my FreeBSD used well shows a structure object.
The standard lists the fields in the other order:

Even though the standard doesn't say that that has to be the physical
order, every other platform besides Windows does it that way.  The patch
as given is unacceptable because it *will* break other platforms (mine
for instance ;-)).  If it has to be this way for Windows then we need
some sort of platform-specific #ifdef.  Considering that the code works
as-is on several sorts of Windows builds, we probably need something
even more specific than that, like #if MSVC-before-version-XX.

regards, tom lane

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