Robert Treat wrote:
On Thursday 13 July 2006 20:58, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

Updated to have stronger wording for vacuuming. Cleaned out some extra
superlatives. Added a couple of index entries for Routine Maintenance
and added entry specific to Analyze.

I noticed a number of typos in this...

(I am not surprised I did that)

s/including, mailing/including mailing
s/forums and cvs/forums, and cvs,/

I think there might be some other issues too... like saying gborg is deprecated is likely to imply something wrong with the projects there rather than the site itself.

I can extend that... The Gborg site is deprecated and all current projects are moving to Gforge.

There were a couple of other minor things I noticed too... Joshua, do you mind if I make some changes and resubmit this patch?

Let me go back through it first please.

Joshua D. Drake


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