Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:

The major downside is that somewhere between 9000 and 10000 VALUES-targetlists produces "ERROR: stack depth limit exceeded". Perhaps for the typical use-case this is sufficient though.

I'm open to better ideas, comments, objections...

If the use case is people running MySQL dumps, then there will be millions of values-targetlists in MySQL dumps.

Yeah. The fabricated select hack does feel wrong to me. Taking a quick 2 minute look at the grammar it looks like a better bet would be to make InsertStmt.targetList a list of lists of values rather than just a list of values. Of course, that would make the changes more invasive. Even with that we'd still be reading the whole thing into memory ... is there a sane way to cache the inline data before statement execution?

I guess we can just say that for true bulk load our supported mechanism is still just COPY, but it would be a pity to restrict a feature that is in the standard that way.



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