Chris Browne wrote:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Christopher Kings-Lynne) writes:
The major downside is that somewhere between 9000 and 10000
VALUES-targetlists produces "ERROR:  stack depth limit
exceeded". Perhaps for the typical use-case this is sufficient
I'm open to better ideas, comments, objections...
If the use case is people running MySQL dumps, then there will be
millions of values-targetlists in MySQL dumps.

Curiosity: How do *does* TheirSQL parse that, and not have the One
Gigantic Query blow up their query parser?

Experimentation shows that mysqldump breaks up the insert into chunks.

Example with 10m rows:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# perl -e 'print "drop table if exists foo; create table foo (x int);\n"; foreach my $i (0..9_9999) { print "insert into foo values \n"; foreach my $j (0..99) { print "," if $j; print "(",100*$i+$j+1,")"; } print ";\n"; } ' > gggggg
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# mysql test < gggggg
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# mysqldump test foo > aaaaaa
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# mysql test < aaaaaa
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# grep INSERT aaaaaa | wc -l



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