Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I created new regression test for check SET and RESET commands and configuration subsystem.

Does this actually accomplish anything?  The checks that retail SETs
and RESETs work seem redundant with numerous existing tests.

I think no. I have not found any test specialized to GUC subsystem. Some tests use SET/RESET command but only in same situation. I want to test "complete" GUC subsystem. My patch is first step.

from pg_settings is a seriously bad idea: it adds 100K of bloat to the
regression files, tests nothing of great interest, and will cause
regression test failures under a large variety of scenarios

Yes, you have right. My idea was check if GUC subsystem setups all settings correctly, but this test should bring more problems than advantages. I probably take subset ( one for each datatype) of relative stable settings, and perform checks on this set. However, this test require be first of all regression tests.


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