On Tuesday 18 July 2006 17:44, Zdenek Kotala wrote:
> I added additional comments marked setting which need server restart to
> take effect. I use (!RSR!) tag for it, however if anybody have different
> idea, let me know and I will change it.

Out of curisoity, does the !RSR! actually have some meaning?  !RRS (requires 
restart) or !RR or !RS (restart) all seem more straightforward.  

More importantly, I think you need to mark all of the variables with the 
special tag individually, as opposed to where, like in the kerberos settings, 
you just say "all kerberose settings require restart".  This is mainly 

> I removed comments about commenting out behavior too, because patch now
> waiting for commit (or reject?).

I know some setups remove all commented options from the postgresql.conf, so 
that only modified parameters are left inside the postgresql.conf. If they 
want to change a setting, they add it into the conf.  I think the theory is 
that this is either more secure, since it would require more knowledge to 
modify the postgres settings this way, or it is a nod to making 
postgresql.conf more portable accross versions (by keeping a smaller subset 
of changes its more likely they will work across versions) or in an effort to 
make the postgresql.conf simpler (by removing a lot of variables that will 
never be modified)... in any case it is a valid setup in 8.1, unfortunatly I 
haven't had time to test your patch with CVS, but do you know if it can 
support those types of configurations? 

Robert Treat
Build A Brighter LAMP :: Linux Apache {middleware} PostgreSQL

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