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"Sergey E. Koposov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Since the feature freeze is in a few days, I'm sending the first iteration
of my patch implementing the multi-argument aggregates (PolyArgAgg) (SOC

This patch is nowhere near ready for submission :-(.  Most of the

But now at least I know that...

comments seem to be "I don't know what to do here" ...

No that's not quite true... I have only ~ 2-3 such comments, all others
just express that I marked the places where I've had any little doubts and which I'll check additionally...

A general hint on the polymorphic stuff is that you should be able to
exactly duplicate what's done for polymorphic functions --- or even
better, get rid of the separate code for aggregates and just invoke
the existing logic for functions.  (You might need to refactor code
a little bit to separate out the common functionality.)

Instead of copying data inside advance_transition_function, it might
be better for the caller to store the values into the right fields
of a temporary FunctionCallInfoData struct, and just pass that to

Thank you for the hints, I'll think about them...

The names for the new aggregates seem a bit, how to say, terse and
unfriendly.  SQL generally tends to a more verbose style of naming.

The names for the functions came from SQL 2003 standart...


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