Hi folks,

please find attached an implementation for updatable views. Included are support
for pg_dump and information_schema, regression test and documentation are
missing. Also, there's currently no upgrade path for older PostgreSQL versions and user defined rules on views. I have some code which drops the implicit created rules silently if someone wants to have its own rule, but this needs some discussion,
i think.

The patch covers the whole SQL92 functionality and doesn't create any rules, if a given view is considered not to be compatible with SQL92 definitions. The supported
syntax is


The check option is implemented as a conditional rule with a simple system function, which checks the given expression tree to be true or false and raises an error in the latter case. There's also a little change in the rewriter semantics, as i treat implicit (view update rules created automatically) and explicit rules (rules created by any user) differently.
This involves some changes to the system catalog (especially
pg_rewrite and pg_proc), so be prepared to do an initdb. There are new files
in src/backend/rewrite/view_update.c and src/include/rewrite/view_update.h, too.

Please note that the patch currently breaks some regression tests, but these are mostly due to duplicated rules on views and additional notice messages. Also, i have dropped support for updatable views which contains indexed array fields of tables (like SELECT foo[3], foo[2] FROM bar). These are treated non-updatable and
someone needs his own rules here.

I hope there aren't too many open points here, so this patch could be considered
for inclusion in 8.2.

Looking forward your opinions...



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