From: "Florian G. Pflug"

Ahhhhhhh, It is right.!
I was retracing my memory for what situations the contents were. I was in distraction.....It seems that it is satisfactory at the reason for ==.

Sorry and Thanks.!!

Hiroshi Saito

Bruce Momjian wrote:
Why is this better than:

  #if _MSC_VER == 1400

Surely this will not be true if _MSC_VER is undefined?
I experienced injustice and the reason of in OSX for it.

What was the problem with OSX?  Did it throw a warning of you did an
equality test on an undefined symbol?

The following if evaluated to true on osx, although I'm pretty sure that
_MSC_VER isn't defined on osx ;-)
#if (_MSC_VER < 1300)

replacing it with
#ifdef WIN32
#if (_MSC_VER < 1300)

fixed the problem.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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