Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>>> This patch for libpq allows you to enter an LDAP URL in
>>>> pg_service.conf.
>>>> The URL will be queried and the resulting string(s) parsed for
>>>> keyword = value connection options.
>>> I have heavily modified your patch to be clearer.  Please 
>>> review the
>>> attached version and test it to make sure it still works 
>>> properly. 
> Thanks for the review.  Updated patch attached.  Is that OK?

Mostly yes, and I must admit that the code has become more
readable. There were two syntax errors and some minor odds
and ends (partly my fault).

I have slightly changed your patch and submit it again
(diff the patches to see).

Thanks for the effort,
Laurenz Albe

Attachment: ldap_v2.patch
Description: ldap_v2.patch

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