On Jul 27, 2006, at 7:30 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
Susanne Ebrecht <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
... We could provide the mixed update syntax and leave the
typed row value expression for the next release. Do you agree?

I don't really see the point --- the patch won't provide any new
functionality in anything like its current form, because you can
always just write the separate expressions in the simple one to
one way.  If we do offer the row-on-the-left syntax then people
will try to put sub-selects on the right, and won't get anything
beyond an unhelpful "syntax error" message.  So my vote would be
to leave it alone until we have a more complete implementation.

While the patch doesn't provide any new functionality, I would still welcome it simply because I find it a lot easier and cleaner to group fields together when updating multiple fields at once.

Even if we would have to rip this patch back out in order to fully support the spec, we've got a (mostly) working patch right now, and it sounds like it would take minimal effort to finish it.

In any case, it sounds like there should be a TODO item out of this.
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