Tom Lane wrote:
Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Are you going to apply this?  Seems it is ready.

I thought Joe was off in a corner doing a whole new version.
(I'm willing to help if he needs help...)

Yeah, I was going to post the latest tonight.

I'm afraid though that after 2 or so days heading down the last path you suggested (namely making a new jointree leaf node) I was having trouble, and at the same time came to the conclusion that adding a new RTE was alot cleaner and made more sense to me. So I'm hoping you won't want to send me back to the drawing board again. I believe I have cleaned up the things you objected to:

1. Now I'm not doing both alternative -- the targetlists are only
   attached to the RTE from the point of parse analysis onward.
2. I've eliminated the tuplestore in favor of runtime evaluation
   of the targetlists which are in an array (allowing forward or
   backward scanning -- although I haven't tested the latter yet).

I've also solved the INSERT related issues that I had earlier:

1. Fixed the rules regression test -- now all regression tests pass
2. Fixed evaluation of DEFAULT values
3. Improved memory consumption and speed some more -- basically
   we are approximately equal to mysql as long as we don't swap,
   and we consume about twice the RAM as mysql instead of several
   times as much. I have more analysis of memory use I'd also like
   to share later.
4. I think the INSERT part of this is ready to go basically, but
   I need a bit more time to test corner cases.

I've made some progress on "SELECT ... FROM (VALUES ...) AS ..."

1. No more shift/reduce issues
2. The ValuesScan work and memory improvements mentioned above
   applies here too.
3. This part still needs the most work though.

I'll post a patch in a few hours -- there is some debug code in there currently that I should clean up before I send it to the list.

BTW, I'm reserving Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (taking Monday off from my day job) to work on outstanding issues. I can continue to work through the end of next Friday, 4 August. After that I'm heading to Germany on a business trip and my "spare" time will evaporate for a few weeks.


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