This is a great patch. I was hoping to get this into 8.2 as a major


Jonah H. Harris wrote:
> Here's the updated patch with DELETE RETURNING removed.  This isn't
> really an issue because no one wanted DELETE RETURNING to begin with.
> It is important to note that this patch is not yet ready to be
> committed.  I still need to go through and run some more tests on it
> but wanted to put it in the queue again and let ya know I've been
> given time to make sure it gets in.
> This patch includes:
> - Code changes to core
> - Code changes to PL/pgSQL
> - Preliminary Documentation Updates (need to add to PL/pgSQL docs)
> - Preliminary Regression Tests (need to add PL/pgSQL regressions)
> There were a couple suggestions for sorta-kewl features like being
> able to use INSERT/UPDATE RETURNING in a FOR loop, etc.  I may be able
> to get those in if people really want it but I looked into it after
> Neil mentioned it and IIRC, there are quite a few changes required to
> support it.
> Suggestions requested.
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