Albe Laurenz wrote:
Tim Allen wrote:
Patch included to implement xlog switching, using an xlog record
"processing instruction" and forcibly moving xlog pointers.

1. Happens automatically on pg_stop_backup()

Oh - so it will not be possible to do an online backup
_without_ forcing a WAL switch any more?
Well, previously, you would have always had to simulate a wal switch, by working out which is the current wal file and copying that. Otherwise your online backup wouldn't be complete.

What Simon is describing sounds like a big step forward from that situation. It should let me delete half the code in my pitr backup/failover scripts. Definitely a Good Thing.

Certainly a Good Thing, and it should be on by default.

But couldn't there be situations where you'd like to do an
online backup without a WAL switch? To avoid generating an
archive WAL every day on a database with few changes, e.g.?

But the online backup would be impossible to restore, if you don't
have enough wal archived to recover past the point where you called

So, doing a wal switch when pg_stop_backup() is called greatly reduces the risk of a user error that leads to broken backups.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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