[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Peter Eisentraut) wrote:
> Chris Browne wrote:
>> Here's a patch to add in the material on replication recently
>> discussed on pgsql.docs.  I'm not thrilled that there were only a few
>> comments made; I'd be happy to see "slicing and dicing" to see this
>> made more useful.
> The agreed-to process was
> 1. post information on pgsql-general
> 1.a. solicit comments
> 2. put information page on web site
> 3. link from documentation to web site
> You seem to have short-circuited all that.
> I don't think this sort of material belongs directly into the PostgreSQL 
> documentation.

I don't recall that anyone agreed to do anything in particular, let
alone the process being formalized thus.

Bruce was looking for there to be some form of overview of the free
replication options so he'd have some kind of tale to tell about it.
Apparently the issue comes up fairly frequently.

1.  I posted information on pgsql-docs
1.a. I solicited comments
2.  There being not many of those, I have put together something that
    could fit into the documentation.

I frankly don't care all that much where the material goes; if it
ought to be some place else other than in the documentation tree
proper, I'm fine with that.
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