On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 08:57 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:

> Anyway, after further thought I've concluded that we really should
> supply something that returns the Insert pointer, as this would be
> useful for debugging and system-monitoring purposes.  It's clear however
> that we also need something that returns the Write pointer, as that's
> what's needed for partial log-shipping.  

> So my vote is for two
> functions, both read-only (and hence not superuser-only).  

Thats probably the most important consideration.

> Not sure
> what to name them exactly.

pg_current_xlog_location() - gives the write pointer i.e. the offset up
to which you can read() the xlog file and trust what it tells you

pg_current_wal_insert_pointer() - gives the insert pointer :-)

Named sufficiently differently that there is no confusion between them.

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