Alvaro Herrera wrote:
dror wrote:

There were two options to solve this issue:

Create a new file , grant a write permission for the Postgres user
and redirect the output to that file. (EnterpriseDB  use this method)
Canceling the redirection at all.
I choose the second option and omit the redirection in any case that
it windows machine and the redirection was sent to DEVNULL.
The only files that I changed are: initDB.c, exec.c and pg_ctl.c

Please submit the changes as patches, instead of the whole files.  Also,
please specify which branch do these patches apply -- is this for 8.1,
or for the current development code?  When checked against the 8.1
pg_ctl.c, the file you sent only contains a regression for a bug fix,
and no change related to what you describe above.

On the other hand, it may be useful to lose the redirection only on the
cases where it fails, so we still have reasonable behavior on non-broken
platforms.  Or maybe there's a better solution.

I am inclined to say we should make it into a runtime test and use a tmpfile on Windows if the test fails. I am more than somewhat perplexed as to why the NUL device should be a security risk ... what are they thinking??

The case that bothers me more is where input is redirected - will that also work?



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