Chris Mair wrote:
> > At some point we ought to extend libpq enough to expose the V3-protocol
> > feature that allows partial fetches from portals; that would be a
> > cleaner way to implement this feature.  However since nobody has yet
> > proposed a good API for this in libpq, I don't object to implementing
> > \u with DECLARE CURSOR for now.
> > 
> > BTW, \u seems not to have any mnemonic value whatsoever ... isn't there
> > some other name we could use?
> True :)
> Since buffer commands all have a single char I wanted a single char one
> too. The "c" for "cursor" was taken already, so i choose the "u" (second
> char in "cursor"). If somebody has a better suggestion, let us know ;)

I think a new backslash variable isn't the way to go.  I would use a
\pset variable to control what is happening.

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