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> I'd be interested to see you cite chapter and verse in the SQL spec
> where it says that information_schema should hide temp tables of
> other backends.  That change seems pretty dubious to me.  (More
> likely, we should be adding tests on whether the caller has USAGE
> privilege on the table's containing schema.)

Fair point: what brought this about was someone wondering why a
SELECT 1 FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_name = 'mytemptable'
returned true but a subsequent DROP TABLE mytemptable; failed.
Another subtle difference between \d and i_s.tables I suppose.
It all depends on how one interprets "accessible" here:

Function: [of information_schema.tables]

Identify the tables defined in this catalog that are accessible
to a given user or role.

While I might extend "accessible" to schemas outside of a user's search path,
I'm not sure that should include the pg_temp_ ones. Seems confusing for the
user to see other temp tables, even if the schema is returned, as one does not
specify a schema when creating temp tables. +1 on the USAGE idea.

> As for all that ESCAPE junk, consider using regexps instead; they
> play nicer with underscores in patterns.

Hmph. I was just copying the surrounding code, in the theory that it
increases the chance of my patches being accepted. :)

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