I am still waiting for some documentation on what XML support we have,
and what we need.  We can't decide on this patch until we have that.


Nikolay Samokhvalov wrote:
> I'll prepare some classification of differend kinds of XML support,
> including a brief overview for oracle, sql server and db2 (I'm a
> person who works on that SoC project)
> As for Pavel's patch, I think it's pretty complete piece of several
> SQL/XML functions and could be usefull for people (e.g for me).
> But it isn't fulll 'XML support' yet. On the road to XML type I see
> more grammar hacks (if standard compliance should be established) -
> for example, one of possible xml-column declarations is '...col1
> XML(SEQUENCE (UNTYPED))...', what breaks postgres' syntax for types
> descriptors, if I'm not mistaken..
> Yes, standard is bloated and there is no dbms that supports part 14
> entirely (e.g., oracle doesn't accept xquery sequnces for xml type, ms
> calls its type 'xmltype' and doesn't support sql/xml functions), but
> it contains some collection of experience. Many people want to store
> xml and to work with it - so some work should take place. Another
> point: no open-source dbms has good xml support, so... Anyway, it
> would be attractive feature (speaking about marketing - look at the
> db2 v.9 'viper' description: xml, xml, xml...)
> On 6/15/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > There have been inquiries about some kind of XML support every few weeks
> > > for years now.  Clearly, we need to sort out what that really means.
> >
> > Agreed.  We need a road map of some sort.
> >
> > > I'm preparing a session about that for the Toronto summit.
> >
> > Looking forward to it...
> >
> >                     regards, tom lane
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