> > a.hub.org[], delay=1, status=sent (250 2.7.1 Ok,
> > discarded, id=258
> > 35-09 - BANNED: P=p003,L=1,M=multipart/mixed |
> > P=p002,L=1/2,M=application/x-gzip ,T=gz,N=vcbuild.tar.gz |
> P=p...)
> > Seems -patches is rejecting any mail with attached .tar.gz files,
> if I
> > read that correctly?
> Hm, I just managed to send a patch labeled application/octet-stream
> without any problem.  Not sure what's the point in banning
> application/x-gzip, unless that's a common virus signature?

I doubt it would be, and if it is then really, it's still not a very
smart thing to do IMHO :)

> Anyway try the other MIME type.

Hmm. I can't really control the MIME type out of my system (remember,
running Exchange here..). But  I guess I can rename the file ;-)
Attempting here to get it into the archives at least..


[note, file is a .tar.gz even though it doesn't look that way]

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