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At the moment, with the online-index and updatable-views patches both
pretty seriously broken, and no sign that the bitmap-index people are
awake at all, I might take it on myself to fix this one instead of those
others.  But is that what I should be spending my time on in the waning
days of the 8.2 freeze cycle?  Speak now or hold your peace.

What are these open issues for the updatable views patch you are seeing exactly? I'm currently trying to update this patch based on alvaros comments in the code and
i see the INSERT...RETURNING stuff as the only "big hurd" at the moment
(however, i haven't looked at this closer, but saw your and Jaime's comments on this...).
It would be nice if we could summarize all open things so everybody who is
able to work on this gets a complete overview.



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