Tom Lane wrote:
"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Would it be worthwhile to add a switch so that the foreign key test is only used "if" they use the switch in conjunction with a -i?

I wouldn't object to providing that as a (non default) option.

O.k. I will take a look at what that would take..

The int8 change should be unnecessary in view of Tatsuo's recent fix
to make the random deltas symmetrical about zero.

O.k. that may be the case, my testing was with the 8.1 version pgbench. I will verify with -HEAD before I change the int8.

 I would counsel
against making the other changes either, as they seem to accomplish
little except make the comparability of results more doubtful.

I am not interested in really changing the overall internals. I just wanted the foreign key option.


Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane

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