Jonah H. Harris wrote:
> > Y'know I was gonna check up on that because my recollection was that it was 
> > a 2/2 split as well, though I thought that was of people who made their 
> > view clear rather than just -core (whose opinion in this case is no more 
> > important than any of the other long time contributors imho). Don't suppose 
> > you noted the views of the other 6?
> As counted, regarding inclusion in /contrib the thread sits at 5 for,
> 4 against, and 1 seems to lean toward making it a contrib.
> Just in case my counting is wrong, this is what I've marked:
> Tzahi Fadida - For
> Bruce Momjian - Against
> AgentM - Possibly For
> Tom Lane - Against
> Jonah Harris - For
> David Fetter - For
> Josh Drake - Against
> Andrew Dunstan - Against
> Josh Berkus - For
> Dave Page - For

I didn't realize the vote was even close for acceptance.  I only
remember Josh saying he would use it.  Saying we should have it to
remain "cutting-edge" doesn't strike me as a valid reason for inclusion,
but more of a philosophical one, which worries me.  I would like it
added because people want its functionality, not because it is somehow

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