On Sep 1, 2006, at 11:03 , Bruce Momjian wrote:

I am unclear about this report.  The patch was not meant to fix every
interval issue, but merely to improve multiplication and division
computations.  Does it do that?  I think the 23:60 is a time rounding
issue that isn't covered in this patch. I am not against fixing it, but
does the submitted patch improve things or not?  Given we are
post-feature freeze, we don't have time to fix all the interval issues.

Your patch doesn't fix the things Tom referenced (nor did you intend it to). I just wanted to to collect examples of all the known issues with the interval code in one place. Probably too ambitious for September 1.

Is it worth looking into the overflow and subtraction issues for 8.2? It seems to me they're bugs rather than features. Or are these 8.3 since it's so late?

Michael Glaesemann
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