I assume this is something we want in /contrib, right?


Victor B. Wagner wrote:
> Following patch provides new contrib module pgsslinfo, which contains
> several server-side functions, which allow to examine information about 
> SSL client certificate, used to connect to the server.
> This information can be used for example, for logging user access. 
> Textual information from certificate distninguished name is converted
> into current database charset, which allow non-latin characters in the
> names to be readable. 
> Module was developed using latest stable version of OpenSSL (0.9.8b).
> Probably, it should work with previous stable version of OpenSSL
> (0.9.7something) which is still widely used, or even with outdated
> version 0.9.6, but I haven't tested it.
> Module requires access to PostgreSQL variable MyProcPort, which is not
> declared DLLIMPORT in the appropriate header file (miscadmin.h).
> So, this patch includes one-line patch to this header file, to allow
> module compile and work under win32.

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